Meet the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir

Kara Ahearn

Kara considers herself lucky to be an honorary Texan since 2002. Originally from Massachusetts, she feels so grateful to minister to God’s people thru the gift of song God has blessed her with. She has been honored to share in this beautiful ministry since the age of 5, and this is also when her journey as a cantor and soloist began. She has been blessed to participate in many choirs and musical events throughout the years, including serving as an assistant director for a large children’s choir for many years and singing for our Holy Father in 1988. Her musical experience includes years of study and singing in liturgical, sacred, classical music, and opera. She joined both the St. Elizabeth 11:30am Choir and Chamber Choir in 2020, and remains joyful in sharing in such a beautiful ministry. She has enjoyed bringing her servant’s heart to the other vocation our Lord has called her to for many years, serving as an RN since 1992. Her other loves include precious time spent with her husband, family and friends, working in animal rescue, and her work in floral design. She enjoys sharing beauty with others through florals. Kara is a firm believer that the Earth laughs in flowers.

Teresa Haunsperger

Teresa, a life crafted with a foundation of love for God, music, and family, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. Her serendipitous connection with Doug blossomed in 1998 within the saxophone section of the Marching Owl Band, culminating in their marriage in 2002 and a relocation to Austin. Since 2008, Teresa has dedicated herself to education, bringing her passion for teaching to life. Together with Doug, they form a harmonious family ensemble, singing with five of their six children in the St. Louis King’s Choir. Eager to share their collective musical spirit, Teresa and her family are thrilled to contribute their talents to the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir.

Ella Vogt

Ella, holding a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue University, currently serves as an inpatient pharmacy resident. Her musical journey, which began at the age of two, showcases her versatile talents, including classical training in voice and piano, as well as proficiency in guitar, bass guitar, and alto saxophone. Ella’s choral experience spans singing in the Purdue University Choir and Chamber Choir, and she served as a choir member and cantor at St. Thomas Aquinas at Purdue and Holy Family Parish in Illinois. Joining the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir in the summer of 2023, Ella brings her passion for music to our community of talented musicians. Beyond her musical pursuits, she finds joy in running, training for long-distance races, and attending concerts with her music-loving husband.

Daniela Perez Santos

Daniela has been Director of the 11:30 Mass at St. Elizabeth since the summer of 2023. With passion for choral and polyphonic music since her music studies in 1997, Daniela brings a wealth of experience. She has been a part of opera productions in Monterey, Mexico, and enriched the Milwaukee Symphony Professional Choir and the Austin Opera Choir after moving to the US. A dedicated volunteer, she has been a cantor at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church since 2015. Outside of music, Daniela cherishes time with her family, engaging in meaningful conversations with friends, and pursuing creative handmade projects.

Bronwyn O’Jack

Bronwyn, a longtime volunteer at St. Elizabeth, directed the 11:30 choir for eight years and co-founded the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir. In 2023, she initiated a children’s choir, expanding the musical landscape of our community. With a theology degree from Ave Maria University, she brings depth to her roles. Also a special education teacher, Bronwyn balances her professional life with a love for playing with her cats, reading science fiction, and exploring far-flung destinations whenever possible. Her diverse interests and unwavering dedication make her a valued member of both the St. Elizabeth community and her broader pursuits.

Clarissa Soto

Clarissa, a vibrant addition to the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir since 2022, brings a wealth of musical expertise rooted in her Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from the University of the Incarnate Word. As a seasoned music teacher, accomplished accompanist, and skilled cantor, Clarissa’s passion for music extends beyond the choir. Her love for travel, performances, and the endearing hobby of capturing moments with her cat through photography adds unique layers to her dynamic personality. Let’s appreciate Clarissa’s multifaceted contributions to our musical community, as she weaves her talents and interests into the melodic tapestry of the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir.

Desiree Flores

Desiree, currently immersed in her studies at Austin Community College with aspirations to transfer to the University of Texas for a career in Music Therapy, is a passionate advocate for the arts. Whether expressing herself through music, painting, photography, or drawing, Desiree finds joy in creative pursuits. Beyond her artistic endeavors, she enjoys building Lego sets, savoring a cup of coffee, and cherishing moments with friends and family. Desiree’s diverse interests and her dedication to the arts adds unique notes to both her academic journey and the vibrant community of the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir.

Pepe Alvarez

Pepe has been a member of the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir since 2018. Juggling his role as a software engineer by day, Pepe immerses himself in the vibrant Austin music scene, playing the piano with finesse in various ensembles, notably jazz big bands. Beyond his vocal contributions, Pepe’s creative spirit extends to composing and arranging original pieces for our choir. However, the true symphony of his life finds its zenith in the joyous moments spent making music with his talented wife Daniela and kids Gael and Sarah, all sharing a passion for musical expression.

Ryan Hibbeler

Ryan, a dedicated member of the St. Elizabeth community since 2020, is a cantor and oversees the musical arrangements for the 7:30am Sunday Mass. Beyond his role in the choir, Ryan brings his technical prowess to the forefront as a software engineer. Alongside his wife, he cherishes the joys and challenges of raising four children. During his free time, Ryan finds enjoyment in the world of tabletop gaming, combining his love for strategy and social interaction. Through his multifaceted pursuits, Ryan seamlessly blends his passion for music, technology, and family life.

Corey Franklin

Corey has been a member of the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir since 2022 and brings a rich blend of musical expertise and academic accomplishment. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition alongside an MBA, Corey’s passion for music is complemented by his commitment to education. As a primary school teacher at Meridian World School, he not only imparts knowledge but also shares the gift of music with his students. Beyond the choir, Corey contributes his vocal talents to the Austin Gay Men’s Chorus, creating a harmonious presence in multiple musical spheres.

Doug Haunsperger

Doug has built his life on a love for God, a love for music, and a love for his family. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. His serendipitous encounter with Teresa in 1998, within the saxophone section of the Marching Owl Band, set the stage for their enduring journey. Married in 2002 after Teresa’s graduation, they made Austin their home. Doug’s professional path led him to Dell, where he passionately designs computer servers. Singing has been a shared joy for Doug and Teresa, harmonizing not only with each other but also with their five of six children in the St. Louis King’s Choir. Eager to contribute their collective musical spirit, Doug and his family are thrilled to lend their talents to the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir for this concert.

Lucas Haunsperger

Lucas has been a dedicated member of the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir since 2023. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Western Governor’s University, he effortlessly navigates the digital realm while finding solace and expression in the world of music. Beyond the choir, Lucas enriches the sacred ambiance of Saint Louis Catholic Church as a member of the King’s Choir. Outside his academic and musical pursuits, Lucas finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, whether it’s unwinding, playing games, or spending quality time with friends, showcasing a well-rounded and vibrant approach to his passions.

Caleb Fowler

Caleb joined the St. Elizabeth Chamber Choir in 2023. By day, he works in IT, but by passion, Caleb is an enthusiast of a capella music, seizing every opportunity to blend his voice with kindred spirits. His musical endeavors stretch back to college, where he lent his voice to the ACC Chamber Singers and the Texas State University Men’s Choir, and more recently, found resonance with the Salado Community Chorus. Adding a spiritual dimension to his repertoire, Caleb leads worship at the Wells Branch Church of Christ in Austin. Beyond the choral stage, his spare moments are often consumed by audiobooks or by checking out the next cutting-edge technology, reflecting his diverse and dynamic interests.

Kevin Kinney

Kevin is a talented musician who has been playing the piano and singing at St. Elizabeth since 2003. His musical prowess extends beyond the church, as he has accompanied over a dozen musical productions with various schools and theater programs. Since 2022, Kevin has contributed his skills to the Bluebonnet Philharmonic Orchestra. Outside of his musical endeavors, Kevin finds joy in family time, cherishing moments with his wife and children when he’s not immersed in music rehearsals. His passion for both family and the arts reflects a harmonious balance in his life.

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